Multiplexing LC-MS with Automated Carryover Monitoring

Double Your Mass Spectrometer Throughput


Two Liquid Chromatography Systems are Better than One
When you need to maximize throughput, the MPX™ 2.0 High Throughput System is what you need. The MPX 2.0 High Throughput System takes advantage of the downtime between injections from your LC and multiplexes two LC systems into one Mass Spec, doubling your throughput.

Automated Carryover Monitoring
Featuring automated carryover monitoring, the MPX 2.0 High Throughput System also works to reduce carryover and highlights samples that may need retesting, decreasing your sample analysis time.

Deliver results at up to twice the speed of traditional workflows with the power of SCIEX technology.

  • Get up to twice the sample throughput from a single MS
  • Save sample analysis time with automated carryover monitoring
  • Increase sample capacity for extended, and unattended operation
  • Stay compliant with complete traceability and audit trails
  • Run multiple LC-MS modes concurrently
  • Maximize uptime with real-time system monitoring

Maximize LC-MS/MS Throughput

The MPX 2.0 Integrated Solution staggers injections to utilize the down time in your LC method – potentially doubling your throughput for swifter work flows. That’s almost twice the speed with half the turnaround time per sample batch. • 100 injections, singleplex >6 hr 30 min • 100 injections, multiplex run time, 3 hr 30 min • Time saved: 3 hours

Minimize Data Review and Reanalysis Time

Dramatically reduce the amount of reinjection and reanalysis time with automated carryover monitoring. The MPX 2.0 High Throughput System detects carryover and automatically injects solvent blanks to clean the stream. Once the stream is clean, the system continues analyzing samples and automatically reinjects any samples that could have been affected by carryover. The MPX™ software also flags any high concentration samples (> Upper Level of Quantitation) so you can easily find those that need to

Multiplex Your Food and Environmental Workflows

Make your mass spectrometer work up to its potential to meet growing demands. Multiplexing using the MPX High-Throughput System can be an affordable solution which improves your food or environmental testing throughput and turnaround time. The MPX 2.0 solution leverages the productivity of two liquid chromatography (LC) systems coupled to a single mass spectrometer. The LC systems operate in tandem to reduce system idle time and boost throughput so that you can run up to 2X as many samples!

Maximize LC-MS/MS Throughput

See How Much Time You Will Save

MPX software lets you easily calculate time savings. Program your method, highlight acquisition time and the MPX software will calculate throughput improvement.

Choose your Workflow

There are three different ways to run samples on the MPX 2.0 High Throughput System: 1. Stagger injections from each of two HPLC systems running the same method 2. Stagger injections from two HPLC systems running two different methods 3. Run two sequential sample batches from two HPLC systems.

Complete Traceability and Audit Trails

Get detailed start to finish sample tracking, including flow rate, pump pressure and temperature, right down to the LC stream. The MPX 2.0 High Throughput System takes advantage of the 21 CFR Part 11 functionality of Analyst® software to provide audit trails and traceability, both of which are vital to regulated environments.

Monitor in Real Time

Check system performance at a glance. Monitor individual pressure traces, column temperature and status alerts for each HPLC stream.

Run up to 2,300 Samples Unattended

Get the sample capacity you need. The MPX 2.0 High Throughput System allows you to run batches of 768 or 1152 samples. If you need even more throughput, simply upgrade the system with additional plate stacks or rack changers to run up to 2,300 samples in a batch.

The MPX 2.0 High Throughput System Pairs with These Industry-leading SCIEX Mass Spectrometers

QTRAP Series

QTRAP® 4500, QTRAP® 5500, QTRAP® 6500, QTRAP® 6500+

TripleQuad Series

Triple Quad™ 3500, Triple Quad™ 4500, Triple Quad™ 5500, Triple Quad™ 6500, Triple Quad™ 6500+

MPX 2.0 Software Specifications

Operating System

Win 7 64 bit or Win 10

Analyst® Software


MultiQuant™ Software

Version 3.0.3 or higher

Hardware Compatibility

Shimadzu Prominence LC

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MPX™ 2.0 High Throughput System

Maximize your productivity and deliver results at up to twice the speed of traditional workflows. MPX High-Throughput Solution 2.0 is the ultimate integrated solution that offers you everything you need to run high throughput LC-MS.

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