CE Expert Lite

CE Expert Lite can be used to estimate fluid deliveries. The answers presented should be taken as approximations, not as absolutes.

Quick Start Enter System Type, Capillary Dimensions, and Conditions. Click on Calculate to display results.

System Type:
PA 800 and P/ACE System MDQ
Generic CE
Hydrodynamic Injection (nl)
Capillary Volume (nl)
Capillary Volume to Window (nl)
Injection Plug Length (mm)
Plug % Length to Window
Capillary Volumes Replaced
Seconds to replace 1 volume
Injection Pressure-seconds
Relative Viscosity (cp)

This program provides results based on
theoretical principles. The answers presented here
should be taken as approximations, not absolutes.
Capillary Dimensions:
Total Length (cm)
Length to Window
Inside Diameter
Temperature (°C)
Pressure (psi)
Time (sec)