Create a new Software Details Page

Create a new Software Details page that links from the main Registered Software page.  This new Software Details Page should include everything about your registered software product, such as:

  • Software Name
  • Software Version
  • Software Support Entitlement
  • Provide a link to the Software Download page so I can check if there is a newer version of the software available
  • Software Nickname - if I haven't added one yet, provide a link here so I can add one
  • License/Activation ID number (AID)
  • Expiration Date of Software
  • MAC Address of the computer my software is installed on and show me the nickname (or the ability to add a nickname)
  • For lab managers, provide the # of Activations and the # of Fulfilled Activations so I can keep track
  • Instrument name/nickname and serial number of the instrument
  • Instrument Support Contract status and when does it expire?  If it has expired, provide a link to buy support contract
  • Provide button to download the license file
  • Provide button to Request Software Move from one computer to another
  • Show Software Cases (filter by Open/Closed) + Ability to Submit a New Case from this page AND prepopulate the new case form with all my information so I don't have to re-key in this information!
  • Ability to find out who is using this software (auto create support case for information)
  • Ability to find out the history of the software.  Has it been moved from one computer to another? When was it installed and by whom? (auto create support case for information)

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