SCIEX Announces Innovative Solutions for Customer Success Across Markets at ASMS 2017

Industry leader brings to the forefront customer innovations for routine and advanced workflows that are changing the LC-MS landscape.

June 01, 2017

Framingham, MA — SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, today announced that at ASMS 2017, it will highlight the cutting-edge innovations developed to power their most advanced LC-MS instrumentation and workflows, and is now enabling streamlined workflows making mass spec more accessible to routine users and non-mass spec experts.

SCIEX is committed to developing optimized solutions in support of the whole Precision Medicine continuum, from biomarker research to clinical implementation. As such, SCIEX will share how several customer partnerships are key to advancing biomarker discoveries via their industrialized omics pipelines. In addition, they will highlight the first and only FDA-cleared (via the de novo pathway) LC-MS based Vitamin D assay kit, the Vitamin D 200M Assay, exclusively for the SCIEX Topaz™ System. The Topaz System is a fully integrated LC-MS platform driven by ClearCore™ MD, the new and intuitive software designed specifically for use in clinical labs.

An array of scientific presentations and posters will be featured at the ASMS 2017 Annual Users Meeting and Breakfast Seminars, at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, 350 West Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN. Among the solutions being featured from the SCIEX comprehensive portfolio are:

5 Years of SWATH, expanding across applications
SWATH® Acquisition: The Evolution of Data Independent Acquisition – Since its commercialization 5 years ago, SWATH Acquisition has continued to advance and evolve. Workflow improvements, including the ability to optimize acquisition with variable sized Q1 windows and microflow for sample throughput have delivered significant increases in the number of proteins and peptides quantified, as many as 150 proteomes per week. Building off the successful implementation of SWATH Acquisition across academic research applications, the technology is now bringing significant advantages in other applications, including metabolomics, forensics, food testing, environmental analysis, and biologics characterization.

Biotransformation solutions, two streamlined solutions targeted to customer needs
New Biotransformation Solutions for Routine and Comprehensive Metabolism and Biologic Catabolism Studies – The latest additions to its growing line of solutions for pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. The Routine Biotransform Solution and the Advanced Biotransformation Solution are powered by the newest SCIEX MetabolitePilot™ Software 2.0, delivers an easy to use interface that places processing, interpretation and reporting all in one place.

Among the presentations and discussions involving SCIEX innovations are:

  • Sunday, June 4th at 8:45 am – Using Multi-omics Analysis and a Novel Spontaneous EMT Model of Prostate Cancer to Understand the Molecular Mechanism of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition, Presented by Dr. David Boocock, Senior Research Fellow, John Van Geest Cancer Research Center, Nottingham Trent University, Ballroom 7-10, 2nd Floor
  • Sunday, June 4th at 8:45 am – The Simpler and Faster Solution for Routine Biopharmaceutical Characterization, Presented by Sean McCarthy, Ph.D., Senior Marketing Manager, Biologics, SCIEX, Ballroom 6, 2nd Floor
  • Sunday, June 4th at 9:15 am – Metabolite ID with the SCIEX Routine Biotransformation Solution, a Small Footprint Benchtop QTOF Mass Spectrometer Featuring the New MetabolitePilot Software 2.0, Presented by Ian Moore, Ph.D., Global Technical Marketing Manager, Pharma Quant and MetID, SCIEX, Ballroom 6, 2nd Floor
  • Sunday, June 4th at 9:20 am – Analysis of Regulated Pesticides in Baby Food Using the SCIEX X500R QTOF System with SWATH Acquisition, Presented by Amadeo Fernandez-Alba, Head of European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL), Ballroom 1&2, 2nd Floor
  • Sunday, June 4th at 9:35 am – What Has Your Lab Been Missing? Accurate Mass Screening for Forensic Toxicology, Presented by Xian (Kevin) He, Ph.D., Senior Staff Scientists, SCIEX, Ballroom 3&4, 2nd Floor

“SCIEX is developing application software for our instruments that doesn’t require analysts to be mass spectrometry experts, while still providing laboratories with the high performance they need for advanced workflows,” said Jean-Paul Mangeolle, President of SCIEX. “The solutions we are presenting at ASMS this year support the workflow improvements that enable our customers to see the future differently by implementing the quality of advanced workflows with the ease of routine.”

Throughout the ASMS conference, SCIEX will continue showcasing customer driven innovations and advancements across LC-MS market areas, at booth #500 and in their hospitality suite at the JW Marriott – White River Ballroom ABE. In addition, scientists from SCIEX will present innovative solutions across a range of applications with oral presentations, user meetings, workshops, and posters. 

To learn more about the SCIEX Vitamin D 200M Assay, available in the United States only from SCIEX:

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