DUI and Workplace Drug Testing

The Case for Mass Spectrometry

The importance of accurate, reliable results cannot be understated in DUI and workplace drug testing. However, while forensic toxicologists must adhere to the same analysis to prove results in a courtroom or workplace setting, the targeted methods used to reach these results are variable, and can take upwards of weeks to return to the originator. Due to the burden of proof, forensic results under scrutiny of chain of custody must, therefore, be documented according to standard operating procedures, even though recipients, such as lawyers, want the results in hand within days.

The power and sensitivity of mass spectrometry is the answer to improving DUI and workplace drug testing result turnaround time because you get to the right results faster. Fewer confirmations mean the sooner you can get the results back to the originator. Instead of holding up the paper process, implementing mass spectrometry puts time back in your schedule.

Solving the Challenges

Analyze more compounds and with more selectively using mass spectrometry. Different from traditional methods, mass spec analyzes compounds at the analyte level, while traditional methods such as immunoassays are limited to compound classes. As a result, more samples are sent to confirmation, prolonging the turnaround time. Adapting to newer technology, however, has never been easier, and the benefits are undeniable as your lab turns out fewer false positives and gains greater confidence in your results – a must have in any forensic lab.