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Grow Your Team’s IVD LC-MS/MS Knowledge Base to Improve your Clinical Lab’s Efficiency

Clinical laboratories face a variety of daily challenges. Lab managers and medical directors must continuously evolve in an ever-changing industry as the demands of clinical diagnostics increase. Common challenges a lab manager faces include the need to:

  • Deliver high-quality data on time
  • Manage a laboratory’s budget and reducing operational costs
  • Need to improve turnaround times
  • Oversee the use of relevant equipment
  • Maintain a laboratory’s high performance

SCIEX Can Help Ease Your Diagnostic Laboratory Pain Points
IVD LC-MS/MS is becoming more commonplace in clinical laboratories for analyzing clinical samples. With a range of instruments to choose from, LC-MS/MS offers greater sensitivity, specificity and selectivity across a wide variety of diagnostic applications.


Solutions to Help You Maximize Your IVD Laboratory’s Productivity

We offer solutions that help you reduce waste, increase productivity in your lab. Unlock your lab’s hidden productivity. With the SCIEX Laboratory Optimization Services.

Our labs were able to implement cost-saving enhancements in material and labor, improve result accuracy, and enhance routine maintenance procedures.
We anticipate the following results

  • Method optimization and column maintenance resulted in annual materials savings of $40K
  • Customized training enabled annual time savings of 85 days.

Customized Learning Path

Using a unique approach to learning, the SCIEX University™ Personalized Success Programs help maintain engagement and promote information retention to ensure you see immediate working results. From mass spec essentials, from the basics to more advanced workflows, we have it all.

Each course built on the course before. I liked the personalization. Repetition was vital. Overall hit the nail on the head and allows better retention through different ways of training.

- Clinical Testing Lab, Florida

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