iMethod™ Application Pesticide LC-MS/MS Library Version 1.1 for Cliquid® Software

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Get the all-inclusive pesticides MS/MS spectral library.  

The SCIEX iMethod™ Pesticide LC-MS/MS Library Version 1.1 includes MS/MS spectra in positive and negative ion mode (where appropriate) at three collision energies for over 640 relevant pesticides. Collision energy spread (CES) as well as the corresponding MRM catalogue were provided, with up to six transitions per compound. Incorporate this library into your current methods or use with the iMethod™ Application for Pesticides Screening.

For system requirements and example results, read the flyer: iMethod™ Pesticide LC-MS/MS Library Version 1.0 for Cliquid® Software

iMethod Application Pesticide LC-MS/MS Library Version 1.1 for Cliquid Software

iMethod Benefits


The SCIEX iMethod™ Pesticide LC-MS/MS Library Version 1.1 contains information on 636 common pesticides and their metabolites that are required to be monitored in vegetables or other food products. The multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) catalogue contains up to three transitions per compound. Each compound in the library has individual spectra acquired using three distinct collision energies (20 eV, 35 eV, 50 eV), as well as a single spectra representing the sum of all three collision energies. If compounds ionize in both polarities, spectra for both are also included, bringing the total number of spectra per compound to eight. 

Use stand-alone to create custom screening and/or quantification methods

The MRM catalogue can be used to build methods without the need to re-infuse standards and optimize MRM transitions for a given compound. Screening and quantitation methods can be created for use with an MRM-triggered enhanced product ion (EPI) workflow and a QTRAP® System; additionally, traditional quantitation can be completed using the response ratio for two or more transitions for compound confirmation. The latter approach can be performed on either an API Triple Quad™ System or a QTRAP® Series instrument.  Users simply select the compounds of interest as well as the number of transitions to be monitored from the MRM catalogue. Once selected, the Cliquid® Software automatically creates the acquisition and processing methods.

Reduce development time

Activity Using an iMethod™ Application Traditional Method Development
Complete Test Protocol Documentation Included Weeks–Months
Sample Prep Techniques Included, with examples and references Weeks–Months
Optimized MS/MS Acquisition Parameters Included Weeks–Months
LC Instrument Parameters with Retention Times Included Days–Weeks
Integration (Quantitation) Parameters Included Days
Reporting Templates Included Days
LC-MS/MS Library Spectra May be included. Stand-alone libraries are also available. Weeks–Months
Staff Training – Software Simple Cliquid® Software interface, no additional training Traditional MS Software and review procedures – Days
Method Validation Weeks. Validation templates and support available Weeks–Months
Complete Test Development and Deployment Weeks 6–12 months