Instrument Control Software

    Instrument control solutions are the core engines of SCIEX mass spectrometry systems.

    Analyst® Software

    The flagship software for all our nominal mass spectrometers (SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP® Systems). Advance your lab’s productivity with flexible data acquisition, rapid data processing, and compliance readiness.

    Analyst® TF Software

    The core engine of SCIEX high resolution, accurate mass TripleTOF® systems. It is the software your lab needs to enjoy exceptional speed, robustness and accuracy. It provides ease-of-use and flexibility to satisfy the needs of both novice and expert users.

    SCIEX OS Software

    The next generation of operating system for enhanced LC-MS/MS analysis. It’s available on our compact, easy-to-use, high resolution, accurate mass X-series QTOF systems.

    Workflow Module Software

    Workflow modules simplify your quantitative and qualitative workflows.

    SCIEX OS-MQ Software

    The next generation of software to enhance your MS quantification productivity. Compatible with all SCIEX systems. (Replaces MultiQuant™ and PeakView® software).

    SCIEX OS-Q Software

    Discover the new integrated software for all your qualitative and quantitative workflows. A fast and easy way to advance your MS analysis! Compatible with all SCIEX systems. (Replaces MultiQuant™, PeakView®, MasterView™ and LibraryView™ software).

    MultiQuant™ Software

    MultiQuant software shortens your quantitative workflows from hours to minutes. Did you think it couldn’t get any better? Enjoy the next generation of quantitative software with SCIEX OS-MQ software.

    MasterView™ Software

    MasterView software handles unknown sample screening with ease and accuracy. You want to advance your data processing capabilities? Then it´s time to discover SCIEX OS-Q software, boosting your qualitative and quantitative workflows even further.

    Application Module Software

    Application modules speed up data processing and help you in getting conclusive results.


    BioPharmaView™ Software

    You want to be the leaders in bioanalysis. BioPharmaView software offers advanced automated data processing tools. Speed up your biologics and biosimilar characterization and your comparability analyses. Perform complete MAM workflows on a single software system.

    Cliquid® Software

    You want to experience the power of LC-MS/MS, even if you’re not a mass spectrometry guru (yet). Cliquid software simplifies MS operation with a four-step interface for routine screening and quantification workflows.

    DiscoveryQuant™ Software

    Do you build a lot of MRM methods for your drug candidate screening processes? DiscoveryQuant software helps simplify and speed up your LC-MS/MS method development. An easy way to improve your drug discovery lab productivity.