SCIEX Academic Partners

SCIEX recognizes the partnership of the investigators below and the innovative use of SCIEX technology in their research and teaching efforts. We encourage you to learn more about each of these SCIEX Academic Partners through the links below.

Markos Leggas

College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky

A major research focus of the Leggas laboratory is placed on discovering and developing drugs that inhibit oncogenic transcription factors. Dr. Leggas also leads the Translational Studies Core in the Center for Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation, which facilitates preclinical and clinical drug development efforts across Kentucky. The workflow flexibility and ability to detect low abundance compounds in complex matrices of the QTRAP 6500+ system are an ideal fit for this work. Find more information here:

Tony Borgerding

Department of Chemistry, University of St. Thomas

Professor Borgerding utilizes the SCIEX QTRAP 4000 for research into photoproducts generated in the environment from relevant personal hygiene products and for undergraduate laboratory instruction in biochemistry and instrumental analysis. Find more information here:


Ruth Welti

Division of Biology, Kansas State University

Professor Welti focuses on the development of a quantitative, high-throughput, mass spectrometry-based lipid profiling technology and the application of this technology to identify alterations in lipid metabolism that occur as results of signaling events and/or stress responses. The speed and enhanced sensitivity of the QTRAP 6500+ are perfectly suited for this research. Find more information here: