“Alessandro Bertinaria” Regional Anti-Doping Center focuses its attention on applied analysis and research into the use of drugs of abuse, doping substances, alcohol and, more recently, the detection of new psychoactive substances (NPS). The center uses mass spectrometry to detect a wide range of prohibited substances that impact the integrity of sports and public health.

The challenge

Typically we analyze around 20,000 samples per year for substances such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin and other drugs. It is likely that each drug class will have different makers.

The solution

SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP® systems are perfect for giving the sensitivity and specificity needed for ISO 17025-accredited, qualitative and quantitative screening methods. The recent acquisition of the X500R QTOF system is integral to the ongoing research, to use its high resolution capabilities, and SWATH® Acquisition helps us to collect and store data for every detectable analyte in a sample, meaning we can retrospectively analyze data at a later date.

The outcome

The facility has really been boosted by the X500R QTOF system, and the support and technical assistance received from SCIEX is fantastic.

"With the X500R, the sky is the limit for our metabolomics studies. It has opened up a world of possibilities, which is very exciting."


Identifying markers for steroids and fentanyl


Drugs of abuse testing

SCIEX products

  • X500R QTOF system
  • SCIEX Triple Quad™ system
  • QTRAP® System
  • SWATH® Acquisition

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