Project Goal

Develop clinical tests that achieve greater sensitivity, greater specificity, reliable assay multiplexing or a shorter turnaround time.

The Challenges

  • Rapid access to more accurate diagnostic results for real-time personalized treatment to improve patient outcomes
  • Fast and reliable testing for a large population of immunosuppressed patients
  • Timely methods to avoid irreversible deterioration or incurability

The Solution

  • The flexible and powerful Citrine™ MS/MS system has provided the sensitivity, accuracy, and speed necessary to meet the laboratory’s challenges. New mass spectrometry methods are being used to get faster results and help improve patient care.

The Outcomes

  • Increased throughput for high volume tests, such as immunosuppressants or antifungal panels, with new methods that are rapid, reliable and accurate
  • Significant improvement in turnaround times by bringing tests in house, from 3-4 days to 8-24 hours in some cases, supporting precision medicine
  • Multiplexing enables analysis of several analytes within one sample, and simultaneous confirmatory testing

“Mass spectrometry really is a clinical necessity for our lab. It gives reliable answers because it’s very specific and has drastically improved turnaround times, from 3-4 days to 8-24 hours in some cases.”

Type of Organization

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is an academic medical center in North Carolina, with a translational mass spectrometry unit that researches and develops new tests for clinical purposes.


To develop mass spectrometry-based diagnostic tests in areas that are a clinical necessity and are important to acute care across the health network.


Immunosuppressants, antifungals, acute kidney injury, drug toxicity, breast cancer, renal metabolomics, personalized medicine.

SCIEX Products

  • SCIEX Citrine MS/MS system
  • Analyst® MD software
  • MultiQuant™ MD software

“If you believe you’re going to impact medicine you have an obligation to do the best science.”

The Power of Precision