High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry

Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (QTOF) Technology

Boost performance and productivity in your lab with high resolution mass spec technology. Whether you need the most comprehensive coverage and workflow flexibility to take on new projects, or a simplified and easy-to-use system for high throughput testing analyses, the SCIEX accurate mass portfolio delivers unmatched speed, robustness, and accuracy for the assays you need to run today and tomorrow.

SCIEX accurate mass QTOF technology can give you:

  • Highest acquisition speeds to identify more compounds in your sample
  • High resolution MS/MS data for compound identification and confirmation at UHPLC timescales
  • Detection of low abundance species in complex samples
  • Quantitative accuracy with the wide intra-scan linear dynamic range
  • Utmost flexibility with the large variety of scan functions, including the proprietary data-independent SWATH® Acquisition, IDA acquisition, MRMHR and TOF-MS for large intact proteins

Why You Need SCIEX High Resolution Accurate Mass Technology

Make the Change, for the Ultimate in Workflow Flexibility

Experience many of the quantitative benefits of nominal mass LC-MS, plus the ability to truly characterize a compound, discriminate between closely related structures and discover new and unknown compounds in complex samples. Go beyond your nominal mass system for true versatility and explore below the unique abilities of a SCIEX high resolution accurate mass spectrometry system.

High Speed Information Dependent Acquisition

Enabled by SCIEX proprietary Accelerator TOF™ Analyzer technology, achieve high resolution MS/MS spectra to ensure optimal sample coverage.

Unbiased SWATH® Acquisition

Collect comprehensive high resolution MS/MS data for every detectable analyte in your sample with variable window SWATH® Acquisition.

Quantitative Scheduled MRMHR

High resolution MS and MS/MS spectra delivers highly selective MRM-like levels of quantitation.

High Resolution TOF-MS

Achieve high resolution accurate mass information without the high mass range limitation of a trapping mass analyzer. Ideal for analysis of large nucleotides and proteins.

Why is SCIEX High Resolution Accurate Mass Technology Different?

Don’t Get Trapped with the Wrong High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

QTOF mass spectrometers have the highest acquisition speed without sacrificing resolution, unlike a trapping instrument architecture, where resolution is directly impacted by scan speed. No longer will you be limiting your analyses by choosing a less flexible system, now you will deliver high resolution data at extremely fast scan speeds, with a virtually unlimited acquisition mass range.

Complete Coverage

Identify more compounds in your sample with fast acquisition rates while maintaining high resolution data.

Quantitative Accuracy

Detect low abundance species in complex samples and ensure quantitative accuracy with wide intra-scan dynamic range.

Precise Intact Protein Analysis

Get an unbiased view of the large molecules in your sample. Be confident your analysis is accurate and not biased by charge density in your sample.

Novel Acquisition Workflows and Class Leading Speeds, Only from SCIEX

SCIEX QTOF class leading acquisition speeds and novel acquisition workflows, such as SWATH® Acquisition, enables you to future proof your lab for all new challenging projects on the horizon. Unique source designs and compact data file architectures mean you can minimize downtime, and more efficiently save and share your data files, to maximize productivity.

Speed, Speed, Speed

Dig deeper into your samples with ultra-fast acquisition rates of 10 msec per spectrum. Get up to 100 MS/MS per cycle in IDA mode and 200 MS/MS per cycle for SWATH

Unbiased and Complete Acquisition

SWATH® Acquisition, gives you the highest confidence that you’re seeing all detectable analytes in your sample, in an unbiased manner.

Data File Portability

Store and save your data couldn’t be easier with compact file architecture. Reduce your storage, backup and archiving costs.

Maximal Uptime

Maximize uptime with advanced source designs that limit contamination and allow for fast, automated calibrations without leaving residual calibration contamination.

TripleTOF® Technology

Flexible source design provides compatibility with CESI, NanoLC, MicroLC, analytical flow LC, or ion mobility front-end separations with SelexION® DMS technology. The highest performance QTOF for ultimate workflow possibilities.

IonDrive™ Turbo V Source for increased ion production
QJet® Ion Guide for efficient ion capture and transfer to quadrupole optics
High frequency LINAC® collision cell for rapid ion transmission and ion focusing
TOF 2-stage mirror and 15kV acceleration voltage for improved resolution
4-channel detector for 5-orders of linear dynamic range

X500 QTOF Technology

Unique SCIEX OS user interface provides simplified method set-up, data acquisition, and system diagnostics. Easy to learn and use for standardized and high throughput analyses.

Renowned Turbo V™ Ion source for robustness
QJet® Ion Guide for efficient ion capture and transfer to quadrupole optics
Novel N-optic TOF design for resolution without compromising sensitivity
Heated TOF path with 6 drone heaters for optimal mass accuracy and resolution
Smallest HRMS system footprint on the market

The Innovative High Resolution Accurate Mass Portfolio From SCIEX

A System Designed Entirely with Your Needs in Mind

Whether you are working in Omics doing in-depth sample profiling and target discovery, routine food screening or standardized biotherapeutic characterization, there is a SCIEX QTOF System for your needs.

TripleTOF® 6600+

Advanced high resolution QTOF with maximal flexibility and ultimate performance. Ideal for in-depth workflows, comprehensive analyte detection and high-performance quantitation. Options:CESI, IonDrive™ Turbo V ion source, OptiFlow Turbo V source and SelexION® DMS

TripleTOF® 5600+

Advanced high resolution QTOF offering workflow flexibility for a wide variety of application areas. Options: CESI, NanoSpray® Source, Duospray Source, Turbo V™ Source, Digital PicoView Source SelexION® DMS


Compact and easy-to-use high resolution QTOF for high throughput screening in food, environment and forensic analyses. Also meant for pharmaceutical drug metabolism and metabolomic studies. Options: SCIEX OS User Interface and data processing


Compact and easy-to-use high resolution QTOF for standard biotherapeutic characterization at the intact, subunit, or peptide level. Options: SCIEX OS User Interface and data processing, and BioPharmaView™ Software processing for BioPharma analyses

SCIEX QTOF Technology in Action