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In this on-demand webinar series, SCIEX applications scientists explain the benefits of using accurate mass, sample analysis, instrument operation and data processing.

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Accurate mass 101: fundamentals

Accurate mass analysis coupled with liquid chromatography is a powerful qualitative and quantitative tool that offers a high degree of specificity, versatility and sensitivity. Make your experience using accurate mass more powerful by watching this  webinar to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals around this technology. We start with an in-depth look at what it is, how it works, acquisition and workflow capabilities, and commonly used terminology. 

Accurate mass 101: targeted analysis and quantificationDiscover a targeted quantification method that takes the complexity out of your high-throughput analysis. We explore the advantages of targeted analysis using accurate mass, how data acquisitions like SWATH and IDA can get you the information faster, and how to build high-quality assay libraries.  
Accurate mass 101: non-targeted analysisSee how to discover the unknown using non-targeted analysis. In this webinar, we showcase workflows and strategies to drive success with suspect screening and non-target identification. Discover the ability to identify peaks of interest and confidently identify unknown compounds.

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