Tuesday, 13th September

Manage both your instruments and data integrity through qualification and 21 CFR Part 11 functionality

Understand how SCIEX maintains instruments and how data is generated with its use of qualification services and software tools.

Presented by Karen Evans and Patrick Quinn-Paquet

Tuesday, 20th September 

Computerised system validation (CSV) and maintaining training records using SCIEX’s specialist services

Validated systems are required where data is used for regulatory submission, learn how SCIEX can support all regulated industries. With the management and development of staff being a quality requirement, see how SCIEX Now can facilitate this.

Presented by Patrick Quinn-Paquet and Sadaf Noreen

Tuesday, 27th September 

Reduce transcription error and maintain data traceability with SCIEX OS software custom calculations

The validation of methods and requirement for complex calculations often requires export of data, potentially breaking traceability and data integrity. Watch how SCIEX OS software can perform bespoke calculations to ensure reduction of transcription error and maintain data integrity.

Presented by Dorothée Elbert