Meet all your needs with SCIEX industrial analysis solutions

Are you looking for precise and accurate quantification in order to meet current regulations? Our industrial analysis info kit provides details of robust and reproducible analytical methods for extractables and leachables, primary aromatic amines in food contact materials and PFAS solutions!

Rapid identification and quantification of 27 primary aromatic amines in kitchen utensils

  • Analysis of 27 primary aromatic amines in food contact materials (FCM)
  • Parts per trillion sensitivity using the SCIEX 7500 system
  • Detection limits several magnitudes lower than EU regulation mandate

Determination of Irganox compounds extracted from food packaging using 4 food simulants

  • Precise and accurate quantification of 16 Irganox compounds
  • Sensitivity of the QTRAP 6500+ system
  • 4 food simulants as outlined by EU regulations 

Simple and rapid quantification of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in seawater

  • Ultra- high level sensitivity of per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS) in seawater using SCIEX 7500 system
  • No SPE needed
  • Both an external standard calibration curve and standard addition workflows