If you’re looking to learn more about PFAS and how to best prepare your workflow for testing, we have a series of webinars on demand just for you.

Learn the right strategies for accurately quantifying PFAS, the benefits of using accurate mass, the difference in testing environmental and biological matrices and more.

Webinars on demand


PFAS testing: how to avoid PFAS in your testing workflow

What we’ll cover:
  • Sample preparation strategies for commonly analyzed matrices
  • Steps for preparing your LC for PFAS analysis
  • Identifying and limiting sources of PFAS contamination in the lab

PFAS testing: quant, quant and quant

What we'll cover:

  • Quantifying  PFAS using LC-MS/MS
  • Isotope dilution methods and how to use them
  • Common EPA calculations for PFAS testing
PFAS testing: leveraging accurate mass analysisWhat we'll cover:
  • Accurate mass benefits for PFAS analysis
  • Data collection approaches
  • Common data mining methods for non-target analysis of PFAS
PFAS testing: finding PFAS in peopleWhat we'll cover:
  • Sources of PFAS in the body
  • Which PFAS we see in humans
  • Using LC-MS/MS to help understand the fate of PFAS in our bodies
PFAS testing: where aren’t they? Environmental, food and consumer goods analysisWhat we'll cover:
  • Main sources of PFAS in the environment
  • Using LC-MS/MS to discover novel PFAS
  • Supporting environmental monitoring of PFAS using LC-MS/MS