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A rapid screening and quantitative LC-MS/MS method for food and environmental contaminants using the ZenoTOF 7600 system

Pesticides are used before and after harvest to protect crops from infestation by pests and plant diseases. A consequence of their prevalent use in the environment is the appearance of pesticide residues in treated crops and ultimately in human food supplies.

Pesticide residues have become a major concern in the area of food safety, and a robust and sensitive screening method for a vast range of pesticides in food matrices is a pressing need. To meet this need, a rapid and robust method was developed for the analysis of food and environmental contaminants such using the ZenoTOF 7600 system from SCIEX.

Zeno trap significantly improves sensitivity and electron activated dissociation (EAD) fragmentation technology improves the accuracy of qualitative analysis results. The ZenoTOF 7600 system is equipped with an EAD cell that simultaneously captures precursor ions and free electrons. Precursors then form a free radical that dissociates, often generating more fragment ions and a more informative MS/MS, which ensures precise quantification and qualitative analysis for food and environmental contaminant analysis

Novel Aspect:

Zeno trap technology significantly improves pesticide sensitivity, and EAD fragmentation technology improves the accuracy of qualitative results.