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From raw material to API and formulated drugs, this online event will focus on the analysis of Nitrosamine and other genotoxic impurities following the EMA and FDA regulations and beyond looking for traces of the impurities to show control of the manufacturing process. The technologies presented are LC-MS and software solutions.

Learning points:

  • Use of LC-MS to assist nitrosamine risk assessments
  • Enhancing analytical methods to get more information about your impurities
  • Decide on the most adequate LC-MS technology depending on the analytical need
  • Use high sensitive LC-MS to assess traces of nitrosamines and precursors

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Our specialists

Presentation in French by Kévin Privat, Customer Success Specialist

Kévin obtained a Master degree in analytical chemistry from the Paris-Saclay University in 2016. After his studies, he worked several months for the French antidoping lab in Paris area and works now with SCIEX since 2017, focusing on customers requests, trainings and demos for Southern Europe. He is currently focused on Triple Quad and QTRAP systems, Differential Mobility Separation and more recently on the Echo® MS system.

Presentation in German by Kristin Von Czapiewski, Sales Representative

Kristin graduated as a chemist from the Universities of Greifswald and Oldenburg, then obtained a doctorate at the Research Center Jülich and a 2-year postdoc at York University, Toronto, Canada. Kristin started working for SCIEX in 2001 as an application specialist, with a focus on method development on MS and HPLC, as well as training. Since 2020, Kristin is a Sales Specialist, for the region "extended Rhine-Main area" with Rhineland-Palatinate / Hesse / North Rhine-Westphalia, western Bavaria.

Presentation in Spanish by Josep Lliberia, Senior Support Specialist

Josep is part of the Southern Europe applications support team since 2016. He started in 1990 with LC-MS applications in several labs, managing R&D departments at university and pharma industries and doing applications support for LC-MS provider companies since 1999.

Presentation in Italian by Samuele Scurati, Application Specialist

Samuele Scurati graduated in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies at the University of Milan with a PhD in Biochemistry since 2008. For 12 years he has held the role of LC-MS/MS specialist for various application areas, with the aim of supporting laboratories in the development of innovative analytical methods.

Presentation in English by Jack Steed, Technical Specialist

Jack Steed joined SCIEX in 2019 as a technical specialist, his main responsibilities include the creation and proliferation of technical marketing content such as application notes and presentations as well as having a strong focus on the pharma market and small molecule analysis. Prior to joining SCIEX, Jack was employed by a CRO working mainly in small molecule method development and validation, with an emphasis on LC and LC-MS analysis.