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Rewrite the Rules

In this vodcast series, we aim to inspire not just you, but the entire biopharmaceutical community. With insights from leading scientists around the world, it’s an invitation to reshape and rewrite the rules of your laboratory.

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On or off target? Looking beyond the expected

with Hugo Gagnon, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Allumiqs

In this episode, we take a deep dive into what gene editing is and uncover why establishing analytics for gene editing is such a complex task.

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Our past episodes:

Answering the question - what's under that peak?

with Kristen Nields, PhD, Senior Scientist, Janssen

In this episode, we explore the challenges in charge variant analysis and how to address the bottlenecks with new workflow approaches.

The team viral vectors

with Jill Bradley-Graham, PhD, Senior Scientist, Gene and Cell Therapy BioAnalytics, Sanofi

In this episode, we discuss why viral vector characterization is particularly challenging and how collaboration is key for newly emerging fields.

Explore the potential of mRNA

with Jérémie Parot, PhD, Research Scientist, SINTEF

In this episode, we explore the difficulties faced when characterizing mRNA and the opportunities that mRNA research brings to medicine.

Dealing with surprises

with Tyler Heibeck, PhD, Principal Scientist, Sutro Biopharma

In this episode, we talk about the surprises and challenges encountered in drug development and how new analytical approaches may help find the answer.

The “personality” of oligonucleotides

with Shane Karnik, Senior Laboratory Director, Aliri Bioanalysis

In this episode, we discuss what bioanalysis is and how bioanalysis of oligonucleotides differs from that of other modalities.

Solving the HCP puzzle with mass spectrometry

with Thomas Kofoed, PhD, Co-founder and CEO, Alphalyse

In this episode, we chat about host cell proteins (HCPs), the importance of their analysis in cell and gene therapy products and the challenges of this field.