GenomeLab Separation Gel

The GeXP/CEQ™ family utilizes an advanced linear polyacrylamide (LPA) gel as the separation medium. LPA has exceptional sieving properties allowing short-fast reads, long-fast reads and fragment sizing to be performed from the same polymer formulation. Coupled with the use of the 33 cm capillary array allows a single setup to be used for virtually all Genetic Analysis applications. This enables a laboratory with changing sample needs to quickly respond, optimizing cycle time and read length with just a click of a mouse. This 7.0 M urea is added as a denaturant and combined with the GeXP/CEQ™ online sample denaturation step, allows sequencing through complex regions where other sequencers fail.

The Separation gel is pre-mixed and packaged in an "easy to install" cartridge which simplifies set-up for the operator. 

The GeXP/CEQ™ compatible containers hold polyacrylamide gel, sufficient for 12 and 24 loads, respectively, into capillary arrays (96 and 192 separations). Storage temperature: 6º C.

LPA-1 Gel Batch Characteristics

  • Average Molecular Weight: 7.4 x 106 Da
  • Gel Viscosity: 53,400 cp