Digital PicoView® Nanospray Ion Source

Robustness for High Sensitivity at Very Low Flow LC-MS

As a proteomics researcher requiring the highest sensitivity when working with limited amounts of precious biological samples, you need your very low flow LC-MS/MS workflows to operate with maximum robustness, reproducibility and reliability.

SCIEX offers the New Objective Digital PicoView® 450 Source for use with our latest generation mass spectrometry systems, ensuring consistent high performance and meaningful results, getting you to your answers faster.

Digital PicoView nanospray Ion Source

Key Features of Digital PicoView® Ion Source

  • Ease of use - Control tip position and visualize spray with user friendly software. Open format source allowing for easy installation, optimization, operation, and maintenance.
  • Robust and Reliable - Digitally-controlled, repeatable and reliable positioning from run to run and automated tip rinsing provide sustainable performance ultimately reducing downtime and time spent benchmarking system performance.
  • Workflow Flexibility - Fully compatible with all nanoflow column options and plumbing configurations

Digital PicoView® 450 from New Objective, Inc.

Nanospray ion sources are widely used in very low flow LC-MS applications, such as when proteomics researchers need to analyze limited amounts of biological samples with highest sensitivity.

However, challenges still exist in optimizing nanoflow ionization performance and maintaining reproducible results over long periods of operation.

The New Objective Digital PicoView 450 is a digitally-controlled, flexible and reliable nanospray ion source that offers proteomics researchers a higher level of control over spray tip position for easier optimization and increased robustness. The Digital PicoView 450 is available as an optional nanospray source on the SCIEX TripleTOF® 5600, 5600+ and 6600 and the Triple Quad/QTRAP® 5500, 6500, and 6500+.

The consistent high performance of this source enables researchers to spend less time benchmarking and troubleshooting and more time on performing their scientific studies.

  • Digitally-controlled fine-precision XYZ stage (1µm precision)
  • Ultra-high resolution digital camera
  • PV Acquire™ stage control software
  • Automated tip rinsing station
  • Tool-free magnetic interlock stage plate
  • Sheath gas module included
  • Versatile tip-mounting option allows for controllable tip angle for optimum signal
  • Fully compatible with all PicoTip® emitters, IntegraFrit™, PicoFrit® columns.
  • Fast and easy tip replacement

Your mass spectrometer must be enabled for nanospray. Contact your SCIEX rep for more information.