Food Testing for Residue Analysis

Today’s food testing labs must be confident in the results residue analysis, while also building comprehensive sample profiles for future analysis. In other words, missing a peak is not an option.

Whether it's pesticides or antibiotics used to boost livestock resistance or even naturally-generated mycotoxins in crops, the potential harm to the environment, humans and animals alike is indisputable. Residue matrices are often complex, dirty, and ever changing while the instruments doing the testing must withstand difficult, laborious tasks. More than ever, you need effective testing solutions to help you weed out those harmful chemical residues and contaminants.

When Reliability and Accuracy is the Name of the Game
To help you stand up to the challenge and minimize the negative repercussions, SCIEX is actively innovating to offer solutions to help uncover these known and unknown contaminants.

Enhance Your Quantitative and Qualitative Performance
Our traditional LC-MS/MS methods and ground breaking SWATH® Acquisition technology are ideal for both routine and complex residue analysis. Now you can detect and quantify an increasing number of compounds using effective, high-throughput mass spectrometry solutions without sacrificing performance.

Pesticide Testing

Quickly detect and quantify 1000's of pesticide residues in a single analysis.

Mycotoxins and Natural Toxin Testing

Comprehensively screen for dozens of toxins including shellfish toxins, microcystins, and mycotoxins accurately.

Veterinary Drug Testing

Effectively identify veterinary drugs residues in animal by-products (meat, milk, eggs, and honey).