Definitions of the Status Terms

Coming Soon: The item will be available within the next 3 months

Available: This item is manufactured and fully supported.

Discontinued and fully supported: This item is no longer manufactured and sold as new but it is fully supported. For software, it is considered discontinued when:

  • A minor/major version or ePack is released to replace or revise the existing version
  • It has been at least 2 years since the release date and no new revisions are planned.

Limited support: Full support for this item can no longer be provided; an issue preventing full support is present.

  • No full coverage (parts inclusive) service contracts are available, unless with a disclaimer advising of known or possible issues with parts.
  • Billable service and Labour-only contracts are available.
  • There is no guarantee of Technical/Applications Support or Customer/Technical Training.
  • Software will provide an upgrade path to newer versions of software to the limit of the instrument and device support periods.

Retired: The item is no longer manufactured, sold or guaranteed to be supported.

  • Billable service and Labour-only contracts are available.
  • No service contracts offered.
  • No guarantee of Technical/Applications support
  • No Technical/Customer training and for software a best effort will be made to respond to issues, however there is no guarantee of resolution
  • Some technical publications may remain available on our website
  • No guarantee of parts availability and are not replenished.

Obsolete, not supported: There will be no further service or support of any kind and parts are not available.

On hold: This item is temporarily unavailable.