Can CE-MS Be Used for Antibody Quantitation in Biological Samples?

You’re invited to attend an on-demand webinar to learn how a CE-MS method has been developed to quantitate a reduced monoclonal antibody in biological samples.

Richard Snell from GSK leads the presentation and will highlight the factors you need to consider when developing a CE-MS method to detect antibody fragments of 25 and 50kDa and show how injection and separation conditions can affect the sensitivity and peak resolution obtained. He will also demonstrate how using a surrogate mAb improves the reproducibility of electro-kinetic injections and highlights how CE-MS is now capable of detecting a mAb at low ng/ml sensitivities.

After viewing this on-demand webinar, you will understand:

  • Why CESI-MS is ideal for detecting intact proteins
  • How CESI-MS can detect low ng/ml on mAb in biological samples
  • What factors you need to consider when developing a CE-MS method to quantitate intact proteins

You should view this on-demand webinar if you are:

  • A scientist in academia, government and the pharmaceutical industry involved in proteomics research and peptide analysis
  • R&D and analytical development directors, laboratory managers and scientists at biopharmaceutical companies and contract research labs interested in protein quantitation
  • Academics working in proteomics research


Richard Snell

Investigator, Bioanalysis, Immunogenicity & Biomarkers, IVIVT GSK

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