Elevate your analytical expertise with advanced techniques and workflows 

Sharpen your data acquisition and processing skills with our LC-MS/MS 201 webinar series. Based on our LC-MS/MS 101 webinar series, these sessions go beyond the fundamentals of LC-MS/MS and introduce ways to advance your analytical methods and data processing workflows. In this series, we explore how to optimize SCIEX OS software with short, 30-minute expert-led presentations. 


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Beyond the fundamentalsLearn what you need to know about terminology and technology to enhance your workflows as we go beyond the fundamentals to learn more about liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS).
Advanced MS/MS method buildingGain insight into advanced features for maximizing sensitivity in your mass spectrometry analyses.
Mastering chromatographyDiscover how to optimize your chromatography for even the most challenging compounds while creating and building LC methods.
It's a TRAP! Getting the most out of your QTRAP systemLearn when to utilize QTRAP functionality to create more selective and sensitive methods.
Troubleshooting at the sourceAcquire the knowledge needed to optimize source parameters and identify and resolve ionization-related problems.
Automating data processingLearn how to automate your data processing with custom flagging and rules for efficient data review in SCIEX OS software.
Excel strategies for mass spectrometry data analysisTake an in-depth look at when and how to use Excel to increase your productivity.

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