Join us at Metabolomics 2019

World Forum Convention Center, The Hague
June 23 - June 27, 2019

Join the conversation with our metabolomics experts and learn about the latest developments in mass spectrometry:

  • Enter the virtual world of SWATH® Acquisition with our virtual reality station at booth #P7
  • Join a live demo with SCIEX specialists
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  • Don't miss our corporate poster on Insights to the Microbiome through Metabolomics
  • Listen to our short presentation about Innovation at SCIEX as part of the New Frontiers section
  • And last but not least join our corporate workshop

SCIEX Workshop on Novel Approaches to Quantitative Metabolomics

Advancing Untargeted Metabolomics Using SWATH based Data Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry

Metabolomics quantitatively measure metabolites in a given biological system and facilitate the understanding of physiological and pathological activities. With the recent advancement of mass spectrometry (MS) technology, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) with SWATH based data independent acquisition (DIA) has been emerged as a powerful technology for untargeted metabolomics due to its capability to acquire all MS2 spectra and high quantitative accuracy. I will first introduce the basic principles of SWATH technology and summarize the data analysis strategies to process SWATH based untargeted metabolomics data, including metabolite identification and quantification. I think the advantages with SWATH technique will enable its broad application in untargeted metabolomics.


Zheng-Jiang Zhu, Ph.D.

Professor, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, and Interdisciplinary Research Center on Biology and Chemistry (IRCBC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Shanghai, China

Polly: An Integrative Omics Platform for reducing barriers to Metabolomics data processing and interpretation

Investigating cellular metabolism to develop new therapeutics has proven to be a promising approach on drug discovery for both cancer and immunometabolism. Despite these successes, broader integration of metabolism studies in drug discovery programs has been limited due to computational and logistical challenges of translating raw data into metabolic insights. Noticeably, there is a lack of efficient, iterative, and scalable data analytics platform, limited methods to integrated different types of omics data, and inadequate capabilities to support targeted flux experiments to answer critical questions. We present Polly, a platform that combines high-performance raw data processing pipelines, sophisticated data analysis algorithms and data visualization dashboards on Amazon cloud. Polly has been developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and cell metabolism labs to increase their throughput. We will highlight how SCIEX technologies can be used to address metabolomics researchers barriers through Polly.


Baljit Ubhi

Market Manager, Metabolomics & Lipidomics, SCIEX

'Functional Microbiomics' – Unlock Nutrition-Microbiome-Host Interaction in Health and Disease

In recent years, microbiome research has dramatically reshaped our understanding of how microbes impact on (patho-)physiological processes in the host. Metabolomics allows the investigation of microbial metabolic activities, providing the ideal technology to assess functional nutrition-microbiota-host interaction.

The MxP® Quant 500 kit is the worldwide first standardized solution for targeted quantification up to 630 endogenous and microbiota-derived metabolites and lipids. The unique kit ensures highly accurate and reproducible results, a prerequisite for large cohort, multi-center studies. The MxP Quant 500 kit covers a wide array of metabolic pathways, including choline metabolism, tryptophan metabolism, and bile acid metabolism, all linked to intestinal bacteria. It is, thus, the ideal tool for uncovering causal links between the microbiome and pathophysiological processes, disease development, and response to drug treatment.


Barbara Wolf, PhD

Knowledge Management, Scientific Marketing, and Biochemist, Biocrates Life Sciences AG



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