Separation challenges arise on a daily basis in the lab. You need a broad analytical toolset to help solve them. Whether you are doing basic research or advanced method development, sometimes liquid chromatography does not deliver the selectivity you need for your applications. In those situations, you want an orthogonal separation technique that is reliable, versatile, and easy to learn.

In this presentation, the speaker will review primary and orthogonal methods for the analysis of charged or polar analytes. You will also see a flexible and uniquely selective technology to conquer a variety of analytical challenges for charged analytes.

You will:

  • Discover the power of orthogonal separations to traditional HPLC for challenging analysis
  • Learn about an automated and reliable option for the separation of charged and polar analytes
  • Apply a versatile technology for researchers of all levels to explore a broad range of applications.


Who should attend:

  • Lab scientists or managers working with charged and polar analytes


Vincent Remcho, Ph.D.

Professor, Analytical Chemistry, Remcho Research Group

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