Automated Protein Digestion Solution

Everything you need to enzymatically digest up to 96 samples in a simple, automated workflow.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Protein quantitation studies using LC/MS first require that biological samples be processed and enzymatically digested into peptides for subsequent analysis. Sample preparation is often a rate-limiting step in protein quantitation studies, particular as the number of samples increases.

SCIEX offers the Automated Protein Digestion Solution to use on the Beckman Biomek NXP Span-8 laboratory automation workstation to enzymatically digest up to 96 biological samples for protein quantitation by LC/MS. The kit contains all the reagents needed to perform the enzymatic digestion of protein-containing samples prior to LC/MS analysis.

  • All-in-One Solution — Denature, reduce, alkylate, and digest up to 96 protein-containing biological samples with a single kit
  • Simplified Workflow — Automate reagent addition using the Biomek automation method
  • Efficiency — Spend more time on other aspects of the experiment

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Sample preparation is a key element of protein quantitation studies, and can be time-consuming for larger numbers of samples. As the complexity of protein quantitation workflows increases, it is important to have a simple protein preparation protocol which leaves the user free to focus on other aspects of their experiment.

SCIEX has partnered with Beckman to deliver a simple, automated solution for protein digestion. Unlike manual protein preparation kits, the SCIEX kit has been validated and optimized to work on the Biomek liquid handling workstation. The Biomek workstation comes pre-loaded with the protein preparation automation method, including a reagent calculator to adjust reagent volumes based on the number of samples.

  • Includes reagents for protein denaturation, reduction, and alkylation
  • Includes TPCK treated trypsin for enzymatic digestion of proteins
  • Can process up to 96 samples at a time
  • Simple-to-use interface using the Biomek automation method
  • Reagent calculator included in the method to adjust reagent volumes for the number of samples

Typical protein preparation workflow for LC/MS quantitation studies







Protein Preparation Kit

aDenaturant, 1 vial
Reducing reagent, 1 vial
Cysteine-blocking reagent, 1 vial


Trypsin, TPCK-treated

Trypsin, 10 vials