iMethod™ Application for aTRAQ™ 1.0 including Cliquid® AA 3.2.1 SW License

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The SCIEX iMethod Application for the aTRAQ Kit 1.0 with Cliquid 3.2.1 Software for routine amino acid analysis provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, browser-based application. Through licensing, the Cliquid AA functionality is accessible through the Cliquid 3.0 Software that automates the process of acquiring data and generating reports.

The iMethod Application for aTRAQ Kit benefits from the sensitivity and specificity of LC-MS/MS analysis using either a Triple Quad or QTRAP System operating in MRM mode. HPLC separation is performed using a C18 column. The gradient, wash, and equilibration require a total of 18 minutes, maximizing throughput. The use of the Scheduled MRM™ Algorithm maximizes dwell time while monitoring of large numbers of MRM transitions, resulting in optimum data quality and reproducibility.

This iMethod Application also employs aTRAQ Reagents to increase the precision and accuracy of quantitation by providing an internal standard for each amino acid analyzed. The aTRAQ Reagents also provide an extra degree of validation, using the retention time and the molecular weight of the standard for confirmation of each amino acid's identity.

To learn more, please view this flyer: A Rapid iMethod™ Application for the Analysis of Amino Acids

iMethod Application for aTRAQ 1.0 including Cliquid AA 3.2.1 SW License


Reduce development time

ActivityUsing an iMethod ApplicationTraditional Method Development
Complete Test Protocol DocumentationIncludedWeeks–Months
Sample Prep TechniquesIncluded, with examples and referencesWeeks–Months
Optimized MS/MS Acquisition ParametersIncludedWeeks–Months
LC Instrument Parameters with Retention TimesIncludedDays–Weeks
Integration (Quantitation) ParametersIncludedDays
Reporting TemplatesIncludedDays
LC/MS/MS Library SpectraMay be included. Stand-alone libraries are also available.Weeks–Months
Staff Training – SoftwareSimple Cliquid® Software interface, no additional trainingTraditional MS Software and review procedures – Days
Method ValidationWeeks. Validation templates and support availableWeeks–Months
Complete Test Development and DeploymentWeeks6–12 months