Forensic Toxicology Testing – Get the Truth

Solutions for legally-defensible forensic screening results

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Today, LC-MS/MS is the preferred method of analysis for forensic toxicology over traditional analysis techniques such as immunoassays and GC-MS – for both screening and confirmation methods.  Providing better selectivity and sensitivity, LC-MS/MS requires less sample preparation, with results in less time.

SCIEX solutions for forensic drug testing will enable your lab to rapidly screen, identify, and quantify hundreds of compounds in a single analysis.

  • Better compound sensitivity to reliable detect compounds below current cut-off levels
  • Faster time to results, with less sample prep and no derivatization required
  • Multiplexing capabilities – high-throughput tools to screen for 100s of compounds in 100s of samples per day
  • Simultaneously quantify and identify many drug targets in various sample matrices

Your Exclusive Information Kit includes:

  • Whitepaper: Using MS/MSall SWATH® Acquisition for Forensic Drugs Screening with SCIEX TripleTOF® 4600/5600+ LC-MS/MS System
  • Application note: A High Throughput Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis Workflow for Comprehensive Forensic Toxicology Screening using LC-MS/MS
  • Application note: High throughput automated screening of 100+ forensic drugs in urine
  • Webcast: Using QTRAP Technology to Provide Accurate Identification and Confirmation Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
  • eSeminar: Sensitive analysis of THC-COOH in oral fluids by LC-MS/MS