SCIEX certified pre-owned solutions

Don’t just buy the label, invest in the brand

Total value comes with complete support. It’s not a true SCIEX instrument unless it comes from SCIEX.

The implementation of a SCIEX solution is just the beginning of your journey with us.

Utilizing certified parts, unique diagnostic tools and the latest software, our team of highly trained certified professionals provides the highest quality workflow and service support. Our goal is to maximize the potential of your SCIEX solution to achieve your desired business objectives and a sustainable return on investment (ROI).

All pre-owned SCIEX instruments pass a comprehensive assessment and verification process to ensure they meet performance specifications.


Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars explains why SCIEX is the place to go for top quality pre-owned mass spec systems and service.

What pre-owned systems are available for purchase?

QTOF mass spectrometers for increased productivity

Increase your productivity with industry-leading, full scan, accurate mass QTOF technology. A range of instruments are available to meet different needs, from space-saving benchtop mass specs for routine, high-throughput and high-resolution workflows to TripleTOF® instruments for more complex quantitative and qualitative analyses.

QTRAP® LC-MS/MS systems

Significantly bolster your confidence in your mass spec data. QTRAP technology is a triple quad system like no other, with all the performance of a triple quad but added functionality to overcome matrix interferences, increase screening throughput and more.

SCIEX Triple Quad™ LC-MS/MS systems

SCIEX Triple Quad technology provides the highest levels of selectivity and sensitivity for targeted MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) LC-MS/MS analysis