Legal Terms and Conditions

Please select your country and applicable Products or Services. Both are applicable when purchasing a combination of Products and Services.

  • Products Terms and Conditions - Shall govern all orders for and purchases of products and installation of equipment.
  • Services Agreement Terms and Conditions - Shall govern all orders for and purchases of services and parts under a Service Plan and other services relating to instruments and other equipment, including the maintenance, repair, de-installation, relocation or servicing of instruments and other equipment and including instrument training.
    Service Consumable Parts
Country/Region Terms Language
Australia Products English
Australia Services English
Austria Products German
Austria Services German
Belgium Products Dutch
Belgium Products French
Belgium Services Dutch
Belgium Services French
Brazil Products Portuguese
Brazil Services Portuguese
Canada Products English
Canada Products French
Canada Services English
Canada Services French
People’s Republic of China Products English
People’s Republic of China Services English
People’s Republic of China Services Chinese
Czech Republic Products Czech
Czech Republic Services Czech
Denmark Products Danish
Denmark Services Danish
Finland Products Finnish
Finland Services Finnish
France Products French
France Services French
Germany Products German
Germany Services German
Hungary Products Hungarian
Hungary Services Hungarian
Hong Kong Products English
Hong Kong Services English
India Products English
India Services English
Ireland Products English
Ireland Services English
Italy Products Italian
Italy Services Italian
Japan Products Japanese
Japan Services Japanese
Korea Products English
Korea Services Korean
Macau Products English
Macau Services English
Mexico Products Spanish
Mexico Services Spanish
Netherlands Products Dutch
Netherlands Services Dutch
New Zealand Services English
Norway Products Norwegian
Norway Services Norwegian
Poland Products Polish
Poland Services Polish
Portugal Products Portuguese
Portugal Services Portuguese
Russia Products Russia
Russia Services Russian
Singapore Products English
Singapore Services English
South Africa Products English
South Africa Services English
Spain Products Spanish
Spain Services Spanish
Sweden Products Swedish
Sweden Services Swedish
Switzerland Products English
Switzerland Products French
Switzerland Services French
Switzerland Services German
Taiwan Products Chinese
Taiwan Services Chinese
Thailand Products English
Thailand Services English
United Kingdom Products English
United Kingdom Services English
United States Products English
United States Services English