Service Consumable Parts (LCMS)

The following references are classified as consumable parts for mass spectrometers and HPLC systems:

  • Electrodes, needles, syringes, probes
  • Fittings, unions, O-ring, ferrule, nuts, gaskets, seals, joints, filters, fuses
  • Tubing, capillaries, fittings, sample loops, transfer lines
  • Stators, rotors, plungers, pistons, inlet/outlet check valves, cartridges
  • Source heaters (except for APCI) and orifice heaters
  • Liquid products (oils, lubricants, standards kits, etc.)
  • LC columns, lamps, lenses
  • Upgrade kits, accessories (bottles, vials, caps, etc.)
  • Cleaning kits and service tools (brushes, screw drivers, Alconox, etc.)

Please note this list is not exhaustive. SCIEX reserves the right to revise the content at any time without prior notice.

For more information, please contact your local service representative.