Why SCIEX for Our Customers

Collaborating with the world’s leading laboratories, as you pioneer
discoveries that will change the face of science.

Hiroshi Tsugawa

Decoding mass spectrometry data leads to new discoveries in small molecule (metabolomics) research…

Dr. Thomas Kofoed

Adding SWATH for unbiased identification and quantification of proteins leads to high reproducibility and sensitivity. With this solution, standardization of the methods to any given set of biotherapeutic samples becomes possible, ...

Jenny Van Eyk, Ph.D.

Mass spectrometry provides the broadest way for us to be able to identify and quantify the proteins and modifications that are changing. It’s a fundamental tool.

Shane Needham, Ph.D.

We love the Optiflow source. You put it on and it works. Optiflow is well-designed, convenient, easy to set up in seconds, and we get better results. No adjustments necessary. That convenience is worth gold.

Gerard Hopfgartner, Ph.D.

The first goal of the project was to establish a workflow for metabolomics based on SWATH® Acquisition and multivariate data analysis.

Why SCIEX for your Application

SCIEX Applications
Clinical Diagnostics
Environmental Testing
Food and Beverage Testing
Forensics Analysis
Life Science Research
Pharma and BioPharma Research

SCIEX Applications

SCIEX mass spec and capillary electrophoresis solutions are designed by scientists with your applications in mind. From routine testing to the most complex analytical experiments, we constantly innovate to enable you to transform your workflows.

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Mass Spectrometers

SCIEX mass spectrometers are designed to help you break new ground by pushing the limits of speed and sensitivity in quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Clinical Medical Devices

Best-in-class in vitro diagnostic mass spec solutions that are extremely easy to adopt and powerful enough to handle the everyday demands of the clinical lab.

CE Instruments

Optimize your workflow efficiency with capillary electrophoresis systems that deliver exceeding sensitivity, resolution, and performance.


The largest, most advanced range of front-end technologies to enhance the power of your mass spec, from analytical flow LC-MS to ultra-low flow CESI-MS.


Intelligent, fast, secure, and intuitive software that delivers better results and meets the analytical needs of world’s most demanding labs.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated end-to-end mass spec workflows that give you everything you need to get the most out of your sample from start to finish.

Why SCIEX Pioneers

The ambition to solve our customer’s toughest challenges with the knowledge to innovate.

Ashley Sage, Ph.D., Senior Manager for Global Portfolio & Technology Strategic Marketing, SCIEX

Ashley Sage is the Senior Manager for Global Portfolio & Technology Strategic Marketing at SCIEX. He is responsible for looking after the strategic marketing campaigns for the product and technology portfolio. Most recently, Ashley was involved in the Generation Quant videos and campaign. In his free time, Ashley enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.

Tanya Gamble, Product Manager, Nominal Mass High-End Platforms, SCIEX

Tanya Gamble is a Product Manager for the Nominal Mass High-End Platforms here at SCIEX. She is responsible for working with customers, market managers, and the research development teams to define, develop, and release exciting new products to address the needs of our customers.

Tom Covey, Principal Research Scientist, SCIEX

Tom Covey is a Principal Research Scientist here at SCIEX. Most recently Tom has been involved in the Generation Quant videos leading up to ASMS.

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Why SCIEX Portfolio

Pioneering solutions that inspire life-changing research and revolutionize the industry.

Mass Spectrometers
Integrated Solutions
Clinical Medical Devices
CE Instruments

Mass Spectrometers

SCIEX mass spectrometers are designed to help you break new ground by pushing the limits of speed and sensitivity in quantitative and qualitative analyses.

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