IonDrive™ Turbo V Source – First Rate Sensitivity for The Toughest Samples

Ionization Source - It’s Time to Make More Ions

What makes any SCIEX mass spectrometer the standout instrument of choice in the pursuit exciting discoveries or vital routine tests? The answer is the ion source. The Turbo V Series features both Electrospray Ionization (ESI) and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI).

Ion Drive Turbo V Source
Key Features

Extraordinary robustness in performance providing higher productivity

The simplistic source architecture and orthogonal spray design with no complex spray path provides uniform temperature distribution and optimized curtain gas flow to improve robustness and ruggedness

Simple plug and play ion source design

A tool-free source design enables plug and play capability with almost zero maintenance

High Sensitivity with enhanced ionization efficiency

Greater ion desorption rates from ESI droplets can be achieved on the IonDrive Turbo V Source using high capacity heaters with a wider sweet spot and enhanced sensitivity

Wider compound class coverage

The ability to quickly interchange ionization modes between APCI and ESI enables wider compound class coverage and easy and faster method development

High throughput analysis over wide range of flow rates

With functional flow rate ranges from 5ul/min to 3 mL/min, the IonDrive Turbo V Source is the perfect match for both micro flow HPLC applications with new low dispersion electrodes and analytical flow UHPLC flow rates, delivering unmatched desolvation and stability for the most demanding applications

Peak Performance in The Most Complex of Matrices

The IonDrive Turbo V enables you to see the crucial analytes in your most challenging samples like never before. From biological samples through to industrial chemicals, with everything in between and beyond, the power of the IonDrive Turbo V can really take your research to new levels of discovery. The IonDrive Turbo V ESI Source produces highest possible ion capture and transmission of your sample into the gold standard SCIEX Triple Quad™ 6500+ and QTRAP® 6500+.

Better Ion Capture and Transmission

Enhanced ionization of the sample allows for more of your analytes to pass into the mass spectrometer, so you will see more of what really is in your sample

Optimized Geometry

This source continues the legacy of Turbo V with precise and accurate engineering, so you acquire the best data possible without compromise

Efficient Heat Transfer

Increased heater diameter and optimized position for improved vaporization/ionization, so key constituents of your sample are recorded in your data not lost to waste

Fast Optimization

The larger diameter not only vaporizes more of the plume, but the wider sweet spot makes the probe optimization tuning just a quick task, so you can start analyzing you results without delay

See What You Could Be Missing

The QTRAP 6500+ with IonDrive Turbo V

This system is the fastest and most sensitive QTRAP available today. It provides the best LOQs to enable the detection and quantification of the widest scope of chemical compounds in the most challenging matrices. Improved polarity switching and MRM3 speeds allow faster chromatography and better throughput. The built in QTRAP functionality opens the door to being able to run quantitative MRMs and qualitative QTRAP scans in the same injection to maximize throughput.

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