Analyst® MD Software: Powering your SCIEX Medical Devices

Analyst MD Software: Rely on the Proven Performance for High-Quality Quantitation on your SCIEX IVD LC-MS/MS

Modern clinical laboratories are increasingly opting for mass spectrometry as their preferred sample analysis method. To aid the easy application of mass spectrometry, these labs need software that is intuitive and accessible to both novice and expert users.

Analyst MD Software

Analyst® MD Software is the answer.

As the control center for your LC-MS/MS medical device, Analyst MD Software delivers results you can trust. With Analyst MD Software experience:

  • Instrument functionality control
  • Data acquisition
  • Reporting
  • Audit trail

With automated tools, Analyst MD Software offers your IVD analysis advanced performance and is key to faster and more efficient software solution to any clinical diagnostic laboratory.

Process and Analyze Your Large Data Sets Quickly

Experience a new level of robustness with an in vitro software that offers simple, flexible and fast data acquisition and reporting on your SCIEX in vitro diagnostic LC/MS-MS systems.

You’re in Control

Analyst MD Software delivers both full-system integration and enables you to construct your LC-MS/MS methods, all from a single point of control. Additionally, Analyst MD Software is the central integration point for further add-on packages such as Cliquid® MD Software and MultiQuant™ MD Software, providing you with additional analysis options.

Screen, Verify and Quantitate More

Spend more time understanding your data and less time running samples and maximize your laboratory’s quantitative performance and accuracy. Easily schedule up to 4000 individual MRM transitions within a single run with Scheduled MRM™ Pro.

See What You’ve been Missing, Instantly

Don’t wait to uncover underlying peaks. The Dynamic Background Subtraction™ algorithm (DBS) allows you to subtract background ions and reveal underlying components dynamically throughout a run.

Quality with less Effort

Forget hunting and scrolling through each chromatogram to view your peaks. With the Integration Quality™ Index, you get all the goodies, with less effort. You can also obtain quantitative and structural information in a single injection using the Information-Dependent Acquisition (IDA) mode, through the automatic switching between MS and MS/MS scanning modes.

Compliance at Heart

Analyst MD Software makes compliance less cumbersome, incorporating the comprehensive security and audit trails that provide the documentation and electronic records required for GLP compliance. Maintain your laboratory standards by relying on Analyst MD Software, designed to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance regulations.

Maximize Laboratory Productivity with the Complete Solution

Flexible Configurations to Change the Way You Work

Whatever your needs, we have the right clinical diagnostic mass spectrometry system for your laboratory. Our systems offer maximum sensitivity on fast, achievable timescales.

Citrine™ MS/MS System

Fast and sensitive, this clinical mass spectrometry system offers large multi-analyte panels to improve efficiency.

Jasper™ HPLC System

Built to meet the robustness and high throughput needs of the clinical diagnostic laboratory.

4500MD Systems

Highly sensitive, fast and robust clinical mass spectrometry system for in vitro diagnostic use.

3200MD Systems

Providing fast accurate information in an affordable benchtop clinical mass spectrometry system.

Analyst MD End User License Agreement | February 17 2014Download
Analyst MD End User License Agreement | February 17 2014Download

Clinical Knowledge Center

Whether you’re new to LC-MS/MS or are managing a clinical lab, the Clinical Knowledge Learning Center is your complete resource destination specially developed so you can get the most from your SCIEX clinical in vitro diagnostics systems.