Cliquid® MD Software: Routine Diagnostic Screening and Quantitation Software

The IVD LC-MS/MS Software That Gives You Simple Automated Analysis from Sample to Report

With more samples to be analyzed in shorter timeframes, clinical laboratories need instrumentation and software that streamlines the process of performing routine mass spectrometry screening.

Cliquid MD Software

Cliquid® MD Software is the answer.

Built with an intuitive point-and-click interface and four-step workflow, Cliquid MD Software improves flexibility, speed and reporting for routine analysis on SCIEX IVD mass spectrometers.

Process and Analyze Your Large Data Sets Quickly

Easy Operation

A streamlined user experience, from the assay selection menu to customized reports, Cliquid MD Software’s intuitive user interface makes routine IVD mass spectrometer analysis simple and straightforward.The step-by-step workflow-driven analysis tools support easy, accessible operations to reduce training needs for routine quantitation, as well as targeted and unknown screening workflows.

Intelligently Effective

Cliquid MD Software intelligently processes barcode data. Read and compare barcode data based on sample number or name, and automatically flag any mismatched barcodes. Selecting and releasing your samples to a LIMS or LIS for analysis has never been simpler and can now be achieved through the simple click of a button.

Customizable and Simple

Run and set-up analysis is straightforward with the ability to customize your simple four-step workflow. Choose how to report and export your results to Word, Excel, PDF or other text-based documents – all of which can be tailored to your laboratory’s specific style.

Secure Yet Flexible

Secure password log-in with the flexibility to assign user permission privileges. The option is yours, whether it’s limited access to purely run samples and generate reports or extensive rights to create and activate tests and report styles.

Pre-Configured Testing

Cliquid MD allows administrators to pre-configure and customize LC-MS/MS tests, for easy deployment to the routine clinical laboratory.

Maximize Laboratory Productivity with the Complete Solution

Flexible Configurations to Change the Way You Work

Whatever your needs, we have the right clinical diagnostic mass spectrometry system for your laboratory. Our systems offer maximum sensitivity on fast, achievable timescales.

4500MD Systems

Highly sensitive, fast and robust clinical mass spectrometry system for in vitro diagnostic use.

3200MD Systems

An affordable benchtop clinical mass spectrometry system capable of providing fast, accurate information.

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Clinical Knowledge Center

Whether you’re new to LC-MS/MS or are managing a clinical lab, the Clinical Knowledge Learning Center is your complete resource destination specially developed so you can get the most from your SCIEX clinical in vitro diagnostics systems.