MultiQuant MD software: powerful and efficient IVD LC-MS/MS quantitation software

Enhance your in vitro analysis on your IVD LC-MS/MS with MultiQuant MD software

Clinical diagnostic laboratories need to analyze large amounts of complicated data as quickly as possible. With demand increasing for accurate mass spectrometry machinery, you need appropriate software capable of rapid data analysis, whilst being accessible to all levels of experience, from novice to expert.

MultiQuant MD Software

MultiQuant MD software is the answer.

Seamlessly integrating with your Analyst MD software, MultiQuant MD software offers enhanced functionality and compound quantitation through our intuitive user interface, helping you to overcome the typical bottlenecks experienced in modern-day laboratories.

Minimize mouse clicks and reduce data bottlenecks

Whether you want to navigate all analytes at once or narrow to the specifics, MultiQuant MD software gives you complete control of your mass spectrometry data. Customize displays to ease your processing and reviewing preferences as well as sort through MRM data by any attribute, MultiQuant MD software will give you the productivity you need.

Do more with large complicated data sets

Manage vast quantities of data with multiple data processing options that can process MRM as well as full scan data for quantitation. The advanced SignalFinder algorithm feature generates results faster, while customizable 'flagging rules' enables identification of outlying result. With MultiQuant MD software, you can fully control concentration thresholds as well as sample tolerance standards.

Flexible result reporting options

With hard-copy and digital report exporting options, MultiQuant MD software allows you to choose your method of reporting results. Output to Word, HTML, PDF, CSV or TXT file formats, with multiple options to present results as you desire. In addition, MultiQuant MD software supports the direct export to your Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Detect and quantify MRM peak intensities

MultiQuant MD software supports both relative and absolute quantitation experiments as well as unlabeled or stable isotope-labeled peptide internal standards. Using MIDAS workflow datasets, examine all fragment ions in the same spectrum to quickly confirm sequences.

Multiple applications, one terminal

Multiple applications, one terminal connect to WATSON LIMS (with GLB/CFT compliant link), UV/DAD and ADC with MultiQuant MD software. Experience usability features that also speed-up data review and comparison for quality assessment and interrogation — a valuable feature for protein/peptide quantitative workflows and assays with thousands of analytes.

Compliance at heart

Designed to support regulatory compliance, it incorporates a suite of robust audit trail features such as a Grouped Audit Event, for repeated auditing eventualities, and the Audit Map Editor, so lab administrators can precisely control the audit trail functionality. Seamless integration with WATSON LIMS enables easy results-transfer within a secure, compliant environment.

Maximize laboratory productivity with the complete solution

Flexible configurations to change the way you work

Whatever your needs, we have the right clinical diagnostic mass spectrometry system for your laboratory. Our systems offer maximum sensitivity on fast, achievable timescales.

Citrine MS/MS system

The ultimate powerhouse of sensitivity and speed, with the ability to detect the smallest sample concentrations.

4500MD systems

Highly sensitive, fast and robust clinical mass spectrometry system capable of being applied to a variety of in vitro diagnostic applications.

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