Doing More Is Overrated. Do Less, Deliver Better Results with the Help of SCIEX Software— the Future of Mass Spectrometry Intelligence

Today’s labs expect smart, reliable and secure LC-MS/MS experiences. Each time a scientist or researcher interacts with their instruments they expect fast, clear and accurate results.

Why SCIEX Software
SCIEX Software Customers choose our mass spectrometry systems for:
  • Reliable engineering that delivers consistent speed and power
  • Intuitive interfaces that offers simplicity to overcome software complexity
  • Support services from a team of experts who know your SCIEX products the best
Software that Stands Behind Your Mass Spectrometer
Scientists demand high-caliber analysis that meets regulatory requirements. SCIEX software meets those demands by pushing the limits of your next breakthrough. Whether you are conducting basic research, drug discovery, and development, food and environmental testing, or forensics and even clinical diagnostics, there’s a software for you. Each software platform is uniquely designed to give you:
  • Instrument control
  • Monitoring capabilities
  • Data analysis
  • Advanced data mining
  • Processing tools