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Streamlined Method Development for Bioanalytical Workflows


DiscoveryQuant™ Software significantly improves turn-around times in drug candidate analysis for high-throughput early ADME. It increases productivity by simplifying and expediting LC–MS method development cycle time for sensitive and selective bioanalytical assays, without compromising data integrity.

As a full-featured solution, DiscoveryQuant Software delivers fast, robust and reliable processing power for every aspect of the high-throughput quantitative workflow, from compound optimization to sample analysis.

DiscoveryQuant Software Difference


Give your LC-MS method development a boost with a fast, robust and reliable processes that optimizes methods for hundreds of small and/or large molecules. You will have the ultimate confidence in your high-throughput analysis, without compromising data quality.


DiscoveryQuant will keep you on track as you optimize and verify compound MRMs on column with the ChromaTune workflow. It provides quick review data screens to increase the efficiency of the workflow, each step of the way.


Automated MRM tuning and optimization enables you to yield multiple MRM conditions for the most sensitive quantitative assay development, eliminating the time-consuming task of manual compound parameter optimization.


Transition seamlessly from traditional small molecule method development to biotherapeutic assays, and leverage combined workflows that can optimize and analyze a variety of molecule types. You can also visualize all injections from your study on a single plot to improve trend analysis, and customize tables to suit different reporting formats.


Save time and reduce redundancy with a single software solution that can be utilized in any lab across your organization to improve method consistency, from discovery through to development.

Be at the Forefront of Modern Drug Discovery

Exceed Your Need for Speed with Higher Throughput

The Optimize module within DiscoveryQuant Software allows users to enhance compound dependent parameters for up to 7 MRM transitions via flow injection analysis, it also populates a database with these parameters. By automating and streamlining data analysis for hundreds of small and/or large molecules, you can cut your typical compound tuning and optimization time down to an impressive 30 secs per compound.

The ChromaTune feature automates on-column MRM verification by enabling sample analysis on multiple column chemistries and gradient conditions during the earliest phase of MRM optimization, which helps identify interferences and reduce failures in complex matrices before real-sample analysis downstream.

Optimize review

Optimize batch setup

ChromaTune review screen

Compound summary screen showing tuning and on column results


Exceed Your Need for Speed with Higher Throughput

Bioanalytical scientists are challenged to develop sensitive and selective assays for both small molecule drugs and peptide and protein based biotherapeutics in complex biological matrices. Manual compound parameter optimization is very time consuming, particularly for multiple charge states/peptides, and has a direct impact on lab output.

DiscoveryQuant Software enables precision in peptide MRM optimization by using real time peptide y- and b- ion labeling for sequence confirmation, and can handle custom amino acid side chain modifications with the new peptide editor. The ChromaTune feature automates on-column MRM testing, enabling sample analysis during the earliest phase of MRM optimization. This helps to identify interferences and reduce failures in complex matrices before real-sample analysis downstream. The result is a highly sensitive and selective quantitative LC-MS/MS method for your small molecule drug or biotherapeutic, that has been fully tested and confirmed.

Peptide results with y and b labels


A Powerful Enterprise-Wide Solution

DiscoveryQuant Software is a single software solution that can be utilized in any SCIEX LC-MS lab across your organization to ensure method consistency throughout – the ideal solution for a globally connected discovery environment with multiple labs and multiple sites. With compound library storage that enables you to share and retrieve your material from a structured environment, you can easily export your data to a LIMS system to generate final reports and share information across multiple labs.

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Analyze data screen

Discovery labs continue to search for ways to improve efficiency to address the demands of fast turn-around times required in the drug candidate screening process. Our goal is to offer best-in-class system solutions and DiscoveryQuant 3.0 Software in combination with our LC/MS platforms stays true to that, as it provides scientists with the ability to rapidly develop methods for all molecule types, in a high throughput environment.

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