Florence Raynaud, PhD

Florence is responsible for assessing the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of new compounds to support the discovery of novel cancer drugs and their evaluation in early clinical trials.

Florence Raynaud is a key member of The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), where she has worked since 1992. She has been involved in the preclinical development of 20 compounds that were synthesized at the ICR and nominated for clinical development. These include platinum agents, antimetabolites, signal transduction pathway inhibitors and antihormonal agents (including abiraterone).

Her interest lies in optimizing the pharmaceutical properties of new agents to improve their administration schedules. Florence also supports the first-in-human pharmacokinetic studies of some of these drugs in early clinical trials, and she is interested in the evaluation of small-molecule metabolites as markers of whether a drug is successfully hitting its target. 

“I enjoy the multidisciplinary aspect of drug discovery and development, which revolve around interactions with chemists, biologists and clinicians. Over the years, I have collaborated with a number of biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and academic groups to lead in developing new treatments.”

Florence Raynaud