Generation Quant

The revolutionary story of quantitative liquid chromatography mass spectrometry


It all started 30 years ago when SCIEX cracked the liquid-phase/gas-phase dilemma.
Revolutionizing quantitative analysis with LC-MS/MS technology sparked a new era of discoveries.
Generation Quant was born.

Putting pieces together in a different way and inventing something that nobody had considered before.
That's what sparked 50 years of innovation at SCIEX.

In the 70s, SCIEX mass spectrometry mobile laboratories were known for going on disaster sites for pollution control. But, detecting something is not enough. Without quantification, it is hard to tell if what you have identified is essential or not. That drove SCIEX to develop and commercialize the first triple quadrupole mass spectrometer in 1981.

The realization that it could be a revolutionary tool for liquid analysis instead of gas analysis focused our scientists on this fundamental question: how to couple two incompatible techniques, mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography? It took almost ten years, but SCIEX researchers finally cracked the liquid-phase/gas-phase dilemma and developed the first commercial LC-MS/MS instrument in 1989. That meant a new generation of quantification had begun.