Become a SCIEX
Silver Channel Partner



SCIEX Silver Channel Partners are committed to SCIEX customers. We believe that helping them will create a highly-skilled, knowledgeable sales force.

Our silver channel partners accelerate business growth and increase SCIEX brand visibility via their sales and marketing activities in their defined territory. And in long term they develop as Gold and then Platinum Channel Partners.

Partner Enablement:
Learn More. Sell More. Get More.

Training is provided in face-to-face/online training events, on request and needs based on channel partner development plan.

Product Training will start with the channel partner onboarding program and then you will be included in the same training sessions as SCIEX internal teams, to gain expertise in our portfolio.




  • Partner Discount
  • Deal agreement (SCIEX led)
  • Sales Qualified Leads

If you would like to know more, contact us for additional information.

Become a SCIEX
Silver Channel Partner