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Paid Online

Duration 4 days
Region India,North America,Europe
Language English
Type Paid Online
Course Level Basic
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4 day introduction to Triple Quad virtual

  • Overview: This SCIEX Now Learning Hub course is an introductory mass spectrometry course designed for new users who are working on small molecule quantitation through MRM or scheduled MRM acquisition using all SCIEX triple quadrupole systems. Upon completion of the course, you will be comfortable with performing instrument tuning and calibration, optimizing compound and source parameters, creating MRM and scheduled MRM methods, performing data acquisition and quantitative processing, and maintaining your instrument. This training is a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous training delivered over 4 days. Daily video conferencing sessions will be conducted by an instructor to explain and demonstrate each topic. Exercises and data files are provided to allow you to practice the principles demonstrated during the instructor-led sessions at a later time at your own pace.
  • Who should attend: Learners who are new to SCIEX triple quadrupole systems and will be working on small molecule quantitation using SCIEX triple quadrupole systems.
  • Pre-requisites: This course is intended for those who have completed a Success Program or have some operational experience with SCIEX LC-MS systems.
  • What’s included:
    • 16 hours of virtual instruction delivered over 4 days by an experienced SCIEX Applications Support Scientist.
    • Tuition for 1 learner to participate.  
    • Online workflow certificate upon successful completion of final exam.
    • P.A.C.E.® Continuing Education Credits: 14 credits upon completion of entire training session and a brief evaluation survey. 
    • Enrollment in related self-paced eLearning courses, lectures, reference material and lab exercises on the Learning Hub.
    • Permanent access to all course materials for reference.
    • Access to > 100 SCIEX Now Learning Hub self-paced eLearning, lectures, demonstrations as well as SCIEX Now online support tools.  
    • Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  
  • Training location: Virtual
  • Follow on courses:
    • TRNSU153                    1 day introduction to MS maintenance at customer site
    • TRNSU200KIT              2 day advanced LC-MS quantitation troubleshooting at customer site
    • TRNSU201                    2.5 day advanced LC-MS maintenance and troubleshooting at SCIEX
    • TRNSU202KIT              2 day advanced LC-MS method development at customer site
    • TRN00209                    3 day advanced LC-MS/MS quantitation: method development and troubleshooting at SCIEX
    • TRNSU212                    2 day LC-MS method validation at SCIEX
    • TRNVT212                    4 day LC-MS method validation virtual
    • TRNSU211                    1 day transition to SCIEX OS for SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP systems at customer site
    • TRNVT211                    3 day transition to SCIEX OS for SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP systems virtual


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