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Cost Free
Duration 1 hour
Language English
Type Premium
Course Level Intermediate

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LipidView 1.2 software training

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This training module is intended to train users how to use LipidView 1.2 software and develop processing methods to quickly and identify detected lipids and generate lipid profiles from collected data. 

Upon completion of LipidView 1.2 software training, you will be able to:
  • Understand the overall design and functionality of the software and successfully interpret the results generated with the LipidView software.
  • Create and edit a processing method that is specific to the particular instrument and scan types used to acquire lipidomic data
  • Review processed data using the multiple tools available in the software
  • Generate customized reports detailing lipidomic results
  • Export results for further processing by MarkerView software
  • Export methods to Analyst software generated from discovery data
  • Perform relative quantitation on multiple samples, using internal standards to normalize sample data

Chapters: 1
Certificate Type: Completion
PACE Accreditation: No