Enhancements and options

Enhance the power of your SCIEX diagnostic equipment

SCIEX offers complete LC-MS/MS system solutions designed to transform your approach to clinical testing. From automation systems to complementary software, our growing range of enhancements and options will accelerate your workflows, deliver more timely and reliable results, and keep your clinical lab performing at its peak.

ClearCore™ MD Software

ClearCore MD Software significantly eases mass spec adoption into your lab and streamlines your mass spec workflows.

Analyst® MD Software

Powerful LC-MS/MS instrument control, data acquisition, data analysis, reporting, and audit trail for the 3200MD and 4500MD systems.

Cliquid® MD Software

Designed to work in conjunction with Analyst MD Software, Cliquid MD Software offers a simple, 4-step workflow to take you from assay menu selection to customized reports, quickly and efficiently.

MultiQuant™ MD Software

Powerful data processing software for high-throughput quantitation of multiple analytes across many samples, for use with the 3200MD and 4500MD systems.

ChemoView™ MD Software

Enables quick screening of a series of compounds in a large set of flow injection MS/MS data generated in Analyst MD Software.