Ashwani Gaur

Senior Principal Scientist, Syngene International Limited
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How the StatusScope remote monitoring services is impacting bioanalytical workflows at Syngene

The challenge

Service engineers and bioanalysts found it challenging to search the activity log of the LC-MS system when performing root cause analysis after an instrument failure.

The solution

Using the StatusScope remote monitoring service and Analyst software for data acquisition has elevated our ability to track the health of our instruments by enabling remote, real-time monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An acquisition error notification from the StatusScope remote monitoring service can be a lifesaver during overnight batch runs or a critical analysis. Information on "heat-sync errors" have proved useful for detecting laboratory air-conditioning system failures and saving precious turbo pumps for the mass spectrometer system. At Syngene, we also use the StatusScope remote monitoring service to register service support case requests and for tracking instrument utilization.

Outcomes of research

This platform not only is a cost-effective solution for the organization, but also significantly reduces instrument downtime.

  • “StatusScope remote monitoring service is an ultimate solution providing visibility on critical instrument parameters in real time and seamless support for instrument management and service cases.”

Type of organization

Syngene is an integrated research, development and manufacturing services organization that works with clients around the globe to develop next-generation compounds.


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