Advances in human wellness depend on the power of precise science.

At SCIEX, our mission is to deliver solutions for the precision detection and quantification of molecules, empowering our customers to protect and advance the wellness and safety of all.

SCIEX has led the field of mass spectrometry for 50 years. From the moment we launched the first ever commercially successful triple quad in 1981, we have developed groundbreaking technologies and solutions that influence life-changing research and outcomes.

Today, as part of the Danaher family of global life science and technology innovators, we continue to pioneer robust solutions in mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis. But we don’t just develop products. It is what we do together with our customers that sets us apart. That’s why thousands of life science experts around the world choose SCIEX to get the answers they can trust to better inform critical decisions. Decisions that positively impact lives.

We proudly stand behind our tagline: The Power of Precision. 

Jennifer Van Eyk, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Precision Health Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles, California.

David Boocock Ph.D.

John van Geest Cancer Research Centre, Nottingham Trent University

Dr. Ben Schulz

National Health and Medical Research Council Career Development Fellow, University of Queensland

Roger Beuerman Ph.D.

Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI)

Dr. Catherine Guette

Group Leader of the Clinical Proteomics Unit, Cancer Research Institution

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