Drinking Water Testing

Rehydrate our drinking water quality

Monitoring drinking water quality for thousands of chemicals in a single analysis

Clean drinking water is essential for life, but our water quality is threatened by 1,000s of chemical contaminants, from everyday products that can seep into drinking water supplies, to runoff and ground water discharge.

Drinking water quality testing is fundamental to protecting our drinking water supplies and ensuring safety. SCIEX supports these efforts by offering sensitive and accurate LC/MS/MS systems for efficient water quality testing for a vast range of drinking water contaminants – monitored from source to consumer.

Drinking water tests typically require extensive sample preparation to achieve the ultra-low detection limits required by regulations. SCIEX LC/MS/MS solutions for drinking water quality testing provides labs with:

  • Simplified workflows for direct injection of water samples for analysis – little sample preparation required
  • Enhanced sensitivity for reliable detection of trace chemical levels in samples
  • Flexibility to screen for both targeted and non-targeted contaminants at once
  • Diversity to analyze for many compound classes, including pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, organic chlorine compounds, industrial chemicals, complexing agents, and even unknown degradants or chemical by-products, in a single injection

Highly sensitive drinking water testing