Unknown surveillance

Solutions for finding hidden chemicals in the environment

Analytical tools for proactive screening for unknown environmental hazards

Monitoring for water and environmental contaminations is essential in ensuring our water is safe to drink, and that we are not being exposed to toxins from the environment. With the diversity of chemical toxins, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals emitted into the environment, scientists require comprehensive technology that enables the surveillance of a wide scope of unknown chemicals, to quickly identify what the compound is, and how much is present.

The SCIEX workflow for unknown contaminant surveillance offers scientists the ability to screen water, soil, plant, or assorted environmental samples for any and all potential compounds or pollutants present, then identify the compounds, and quantify how much of them are present—all in a single analysis.

With simple sample preparation, robust and highly capable hardware, and simplified and streamlined data processing tools, you can quickly get to the answer of what is in your sample without hours, days, or weeks in the laboratory, to monitor potential environmental hazards.

Identification of unknown residues in water